All of our professional assessors are therapists registered with their respective professional bodies, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and have current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance. They have many years of experience working with individuals with neurological deficits in addition to maintaining excellent clinical and professional development portfolios.

The multi-disciplinary team includes:
Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dyslexia Assessment, Dyspraxia Assessment, Autism/ Aspergers Assessment, Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Mental Health/Counselling.

All our Dyslexia assessors hold an APC (Assessment Practising Certificate) which underpins the qualification held by specialist teachers and demonstrates our quality provision and service.

Full Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment for Pre & Post-16 (Children and Adults)

Cost: £450-£590 depending on location

A full Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment is a 1 to 3-hour test. The test itself consists of a range of tests, called ‘batteries’, that measure a number of skills, namely; the underlying ability of the person, attainment in reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, working memory, processing speed and phonological awareness. A full diagnostic report is a document drawn up by the specialist assessor and highlights strengths and weaknesses, providing a range of scores and feedback designed for support.

Prior to the assessment carried out, the designated assessor will communicate with the person interested in the assessment and determine whether there is a need for an assessment. We often receive requests from parents and adults alike with similarities in specific learning difficulties though thorough investigation is required in order to determine the best diagnosis. Once the report is drawn, a consultation period will follow so to establish that the assessed person has understood the decision made. Recommendations and supportive mechanisms will be discussed in order to provide a bespoke service which includes tuition.

A shorter report can be requested for non-DSA or EHCP purposes for Pre-16 children at a cost of £300-£350 depending on location. A summative report will assess the same ability and processes highlighting recommended actions for support. Although schools prefer full diagnostic reports, often people would request a summative report for their own consideration. We would suggest that parents interested in a diagnostic report to contact us prior to any booking for a FREE consultation.

Assessments are conducted at our headquarters in Sunderland, however, we can also provide online testing, depending on the age of the person. Assessments conducted at a client’s home or school incur an additional fee, depending on location.



These are short sets of assessments carried out to report an indication of Dyslexia and/or Dyscalculia at a cost of £225. These short reports do not constitute a full diagnostic assessment report, therefore, we would invite all interested persons to contact us for a FREE consultation.

Full Diagnostic Dyscalculia Assessment for Pre & Post-16 (Children and Adults) Cost: £490-£690 depending on location

Similar to the Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment, this set of 5-hour testing batteries measures the underlying ability of the person being tested highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in numeracy and identifying mechanisms for support.



  • Although Access Arrangements are supported within a full diagnostic report, we offer an AA service to schools who are requiring an external support mechanism. Cost: £99 per student.
  • Dyslexia/Dyscalculia screening administered individually with a short report. Cost £145 per student.
  • Full Diagnostic Dyslexia/Dyscalculia report. Cost £300, depending on location.
  • Full Diagnostic Dyspraxia/OT report. Cost £400, depending on location.
  • INSET Training on request, £450 for half a day or £790 for a full day depending on location.



Our Speech & Language services include assessments and therapy sessions on request at a cost of £380 depending on location. Assessments are conducted at our headquarters in Sunderland, however, we can also provide online testing and therapy, depending on the age of the person. Assessments conducted at a client’s home or school incur an additional fee, depending on location.



Assessment reports carried out by our expert team of Educational Psychologists are booked on demand. Although it is not necessary that Dyslexia/Dyscalculia reports are carried out by a specific body for Access Arrangements, schools and parents often prefer to follow this path for identifying a difficulty and/or gaining a diagnosis.



Our specialised team of registered Psychotherapists and Counsellors offer bespoke services on demand. To register your interest, please contact us.


To book an assessment please contact Tutor Supply on or Call Us on 07388540996.

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