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We ensure our professional educational support caters for all pupils and at all stages. Our team of professional teachers cover any subject with highly motivational support. We provide 24 Hour support until completion of all students’ studies. We are the only Tutor Supply agency in the North East who support all our students on a 24-7 basis.

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Primary School Tutoring: We provide professional home schooling tutoring, online and home based tutoring of all KS1 & 2 subjects. We also provide individual or group teaching support services to all national and global schools. KS2 and KS3 transition sessions are available to individual or groups of pupils. Parental consultancy and guidance on all educational services is also offered. 

Secondary School Tutoring: We provide professional home schooling tutoring, online and home based tutoring of all KS3 & 4 subjects. We also provide individual/group teaching support services to all national and global schools. FE transition sessions are available to individual or groups of pupils. 

Special Educational Needs consultation and support: We support schools and parents in their decision-making process of producing IEPs, EHCP application process, specialist assessments, mediation and teaching support.

Further Education Tutoring: We provide academic tuition and support to all students, on all levels. Our academic tutors are experts in the FE fields of A/AS Levels, BTec, Foundation courses, TESOL/IELTS as well as all other faculties. We offer guidance on University application and CV writing skills. 

Writing/Reading Skills Advice: We provide professional feedback on how to improve the content, style and organisation of any type of academic work. We work closely with our clients and ensure they receive 100% satisfaction.

Higher Education Tutoring: Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Post Graduate Research/ PhD/ ProfDoc.
We offer the following bespoke services to individual students, institutions and companies: Assignment/Dissertation support & guidance, Critical analysis guidance, Employed/CV guidance, IELTS/TESOL tutoring, Interview techniques, Grammar support, Presentation skills, Referencing guidance, Research Methods, Speed Reading, VIVA presentation guidance, support and preparation, Assignment/Thesis synthesis, Critical Analysis skills, Writing for A Purpose guidance.

Proofreading Services: Our dedicated specialist team of tutors have a wealth of experience in systematically making suggested recommendations to assignments, dissertations and Doctoral thesis. Grammatical correction, consistency in referencing style, structural orientation, flow of contextual information and extensive research skills are a few popular tutor requests that students often feel they need guidance with.

Application Checking Services: We work closely with undergraduate and postgraduate students guiding them on understanding  the procedures and methods of applications. We also help students structure and improve their University or job applications. We can only offer 100% support.

Careers Advice: Tutor Supply Ltd consists of a network of highly academic professionals with a strong background and links with national and international Universities. Our professional team is trained to provide expert advice on career vision and career suitability. We provide support on important academic decisions and lead you to a satisfactory career path.

Speech & Language Therapy: We provide life-changing sessions and parental discussions for both children and adults who find it difficult to communicate, or find their speech and language hinders them from enjoying certain simplicities of life such as drinking, swallowing, etc. Our Speech and Language therapists (SLTs) are certified professionals with many years of specialised experience. Our specialist therapists work very closely with parents, carers and other agencies, if and when needed, in order to ensure that the best treatment is provided. Out of the 14,000 current SLTs in the UK, our specialised staff are renowned to have gained experience and practice in a plethora of environments. Tutor Supply SLTs ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied and that is why we have a well-known reputation across the nation and globally.

Assessment:  All of our professional assessors are therapists registered with their respective professional bodies, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and have current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance. They have many years of experience working with individuals with neurological deficits in addition to maintaining excellent clinical and professional development portfolios. The multi-disciplinary team includes:


Occupational Therapy

Dyslexia Assessment

Dyspraxia Assessment

Clinical Psychologist

Short/Long Term Courses: Tutor Supply offers short and long term courses to individuals, schools, businesses, international groups who can request a bespoke personalised package.

Summer Camp: We offer bespoke summer camp experiences for both students and teachers throughout the UK. Students get a taste of the British schooling system, culture and the outdoors. All activities are carefully prepared so to cater for the international parties.

Admissions: We believe that all students have the right to access education, thus, we provide a bespoke guiding service on preparing national and international students for admissions to British elite schools, colleges and UK universities.

To book an assessment please contact Tutor Supply on contact@tutorsupply.net or Call Us on 07786266730.